Fka twigs launches new fan zine

FKA Twigs Has Just Launched Her Own Instagram Zine

And it's all about hair.


If, like us, you're totally obsessed with FKA Twigs' signature braided locks, you're in for a treat. The singer-songwriter, who's in the midst of working on her current album, has just launched a brand-new Instagram-only magazine, focusing on braided hairstyles. AVANTgarden's first issue, “ROOTS. SHOCK. BEAUTY,” can be viewed on FKA Twigs' Instagram via the slideshow feature, and features barber shop-inspired visuals of her friends in an array of different styles.

On choosing Instagram as a format, she told Dazed, “Rather than posting selfies or pictures of your cups of coffee or avocado toast, I thought it would be exciting to see people using it in more of a creative way to express themselves. I would love to make it into a physical thing eventually, or it can be put in a gallery, or it can be on a website.”

The looks were created by hairstylist Rio Sreedharan, whose speedy braiding skills saw ten people's braids created within a day. “One of the girls, Chanel, said the hairstyle that she has in the magazine is actually from her grandma’s tribe – the Ashanti tribe in Ghana. I thought that was quite special. It was really fun looking at the heritage of braids because of course, different braids mean different things. There's braid patterns which are for fertility, or because you want to get married,” FKA Twigs continues.

Check out the first issue below and get ready to be inspired.



AVANTgarden issue 1. ROOTS ∙ SHOCK ∙ BEAUTY Creative Director: FKA twigs @fkatwigs Editor: Suzannah Pettigrew @suz_p Styling: Matthew Josephs @matthew_josephs Hair: Rio Sreedharan @rio_hair Casting: FKA twigs @fkatwigs and Olivia Kaifa @livokai Photography and post production: R + D @reecendean MUA: Bea Sweet @beasweetbeauty Set Design: Suzannah Pettigrew @suz_p Models: Chanel @chanellygirl / Naomi @_flowerchildx / Olivia @livokai / James @j_magz / Malick @ssandroidx / Kaner @kanerflex / Vanessa @vanessaohenlen / Jourdan @jourdancopeland / Rachellé @rachellehollandxx Logo: Matt de Jong @go_dejong Layout: FKA twigs @fkatwigs / Suzannah Pettigrew @suz_p / Matt de Jong @go_dejong Illustrations: Roxie Warder @roxiepandora

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