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Streetstyle Check With Harajuku Hotness Mayu


Mayu is the definition of what’s hot in Harajuku Tokyo right now. She’s busy singing, blogging, collabing and trendsetting for the kids of Japan. We switched on autotranslate and quizzed Mayu about her thrill life in the place to be. And cuz that just isn’t enuff Mayu hit the streets and did an exclusive Fizzy Mag Shoot with Hotshot Fabian Parkes so you can see what all the fuss is about.

Nickname: Mayu

Born and Raised: Tokyo

Living right now: Tokyo

Occupation: Singer, fashion blogger, Designer of Mayu meets Cuvee

Relationship status: Single!

Mayu, what was your weirdest dream?
The dream I frequently see is where I’m flying high among the buildings.

What makes a man sexy to you?
The kind and reliable type of guy who never stops to make an effort for his girlfriend.

What makes a girl sexy?
The combination of a good appearance and personality.

What makes you feel sexy?

We read that Japans youth aren't having sex anymore. Is that true?
No way!

Do you have groupies?

How do you party the best in Tokyo?
The party held at TRUMP ROOM in Shibuya makes me feel “THE TOKIO”!

Have you ever done anything illigal?
Of course NOT!

Are you a screen addict?
Not addicted but I love to watch Ugly Betty lately.

What’s the worst thing you‘ve ever eaten?

Why do the Japanese like colorful things so much?
I’m not sure but it might be cause if Harajyuku culture.

What’s your favourite color?
Color of Sally in Monster’s inc

Are you a rebel?

How to japanese youths get rebellious?
I really don't know.

What’s your favorite shop in Harajuku?

Which sound are you diggin’ right now?
I love HOUSE & ELECTRO music!

What gives you an adrenalin rush?
When I sing a song!

When are you coming to europe to visit us?
I really wanna go to Europe!!!!

Are you lost in translation?
Absolutely yes! lol

Photography:  Fabian Parkes

Model: Mayu

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