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Photo: Malte Grüner for Fizzy Mag

Fizzy Mag Relaunch And New Visual Identity Launch


When we launched our first Fizzy Mag print magazine in 2012, we didn't care about digital publishing. We liked the idea of print; large bold images stamped all over thick paper, bright vivid colors, that dense smell of ink that pages ooze when you hold a fresh magazine in your hands. We were gripped with excitement and joy over the first print edition and admittedly totally  obsessed.

The blood, sweat and tears of the production process were rapidly replaced with the question of how to get the magazine into the hands of our potential readers. And from day one we knew that our magazine was intended for a global readership. The main focus shifted to making sure Fizzy Mag, considering we were an indie publishing company, would reach it's biggest possible crowd.

Equally enthused resellers and distribution channels were soon established from Amsterdam and New York, through to Berlin and Tokyo with numerous issues following up and finding their readership. Despite our passion for print and the thrills of international distribution we couldn’t shake the feeling that available resources weren’t enough to reach as many people as we wanted to. It wasn't part of the plan, but an unstoppable transition took place which moved us away from the medium of print to online content.

The website was launched and we locked on to weekly content, publishing submissions by creatives from around the globe and with that effectively expanding our team with a wide variety of imaginative individuals. With the growth of the online segment, Fizzy Mag’s development maneuvered from the slow pace of print production to the fascination with snappy internet publications and internet blurb. We were hooked.

Fizzy Mag has always been about the excitement of bold photo-focused image presentation and changing mediums didn't alter that. What did change was the volume of writers we suddenly had access to, to cover topics in fashion, lifestyle, beauty and celebrity. The next level was due and 5 months ago we started to challenge the path of the original magazine. The development, embraced in a coherent & organized website and logo, is driven by the user/ device friendly experience we desire to offer.

We are as thrilled now as we were when we first published our magazine, to present a technically and visually refined version to you. Together with the a sleek logo we’ve created a space for daily fresh and juicy posts.

Female fashion, beauty and lifestyle topics are at the forefront together with new product what’s and where’s, editorially hand picked submissions, not to mention the stuff that really matters when it comes to love, sex and dating. We sincerely hope you love the redesign as much we do! 

Let us take the opportunity to thank our readers for their support so far as well as to you who are new and into the new categories and topical stories we’re bringing to this site.

Special thanks and gratitude goes out to all the tireless contributors and team members who are & were involved in the zone of creating and developing Fizzy Mag. 

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