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The Best 5 Ways To Fix Your Bad Hair Day


The struggle is real when you wake up late, your hair is a mess and is no way to be fixed. Urgh! Sometimes your hair just decides to play a trick on you for no effing reason. But please don’t do it like Britney Spears in 2007 and shave your hair off. Because if Britney could get through 2007, you will get through your bad hair day, too.


We are showing you 5 cool fashion pieces to cover your head and still look like your are fresh off the runway.

1. MXDVS’ “I Just want to be yours” cap

   2. Fizzy Beanie Black  fizzy_magazine_beanie (1)

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3. Nasaseason‘s “I came to break hearts” cap

4. IKEA Bucket Hat (we still haven’t found out if this is real or a myth)

  5. Anti Social Social Club Weird Cap in Light pink fizzy_magazine_anti-social-social-club_weird_pink_cap 

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