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All That Glitters Isn’t Gold: Your Festival Glam Guide!

Because touching up your makeup is so last season


Leave the beauty blender at home and dip your face in a bucket full of glitter because all that glitters isn’t gold but rhinestones, gems and glue on tattoos. The beautiful thing about festivals is that glam doesn’t equal Kylie-contouring and long lady lashes: it’s about having fun and looking like a shooting star!

Here are some alternatives to highlighter and bright lips:

White Glitter Crystals, $4.50


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Glitter Stars, $4.70


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Cotton Candy Glitter, $6.99


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Iridescent Diamond Body Glitter, $7

Unicorn Glitter, $7


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Red Glitter Crystals, $4


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Hello Kitty Temporary Tattoos, $7.99

Pink Pastel Stars, $1.25


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Silver Glitter Stars, $7

Silver Crystal Glitter Stars, $4.95


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