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Get Cliterate With These NSFW Feminist Homewares

The ceramic artists celebrating real women's naughty bits.


You've decorated your apartment to within an inch of its life but you just can't put your finger on what's missing. Do you need another jazzy print on your collage feature wall to make it feel like home? What about an extra snake plant or cactus to really set off the corner? You gaze at your sorry-looking ash tray atop your coffee table whilst sipping the last dregs of coffee from your uninspiring IKEA FÄRGRIK. “They say your home should be a reflection of you,” you think to yourself. Then the realization finally hits like a big braless breast to the face: “where are all the naughty bits?”

We all love a good bit of – totally explicit – feminist art, because frankly, it's high time that we should be celebrating our bodies for all of their glorious and unique curves, folds and flaps. Our favorite take has to be homewares; who could argue with a custom-made titty pot for all their pens and pencils? We wish we'd had the ingenuity to do this in school pottery class! Check out our faves below.




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We stumbled across Gashtrays on Instagram explore and we almost died with laughter. This amazing growing company is all about celebrating the diversity of the vulva – and you couldn't get more tongue-in-cheek. The customized designs – featuring heart clits, glitter lips and cute wavy pubes – are made-to-order and have countless applications in the home, including collecting ciggy butts of course. Our favorite has to be the Octopussy!


Pot Yer Tits Away Luv

Do you love freeing the nipple? These ingeniously named, Pot Yer Tits Away Luv ceramic booby pots are about to be your new breast friends. The custom-made pots come in all shapes, sizes and colors and make the perfect planters and nick-nack holders. There's also some hilarious little willy versions if your man feels left out.


H.D. Ceramics

Move over IKEA, this American Etsy shop is about to replace your entire mug collection. The hand-sculpted vagina mugs – gold clits and all – are to die for, and we are also totally sold on those “cunty” knuckleduster designs. The perfect mix-and-match set for all your favorite hot beverages. Perhaps best to keep them out of the way when grandma comes to visit though.

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