Feminist Icon Cara Delevingne Meets Incredible Women In New PUMA Docu-Series

Cara means business when it comes to female equality.


Never one to shy away from a bold feminist statement, Cara Delevingne partnered with PUMA late last year to front their #DOYOU campaign: seeking to show that there is no 'right' way to be a woman. 

After designing a range of apparel and sneakers, the model-turned-actress-turned-singer-turned-everything-that's-amazing is back to front a new documentary series in partnership with PUMA, in which she travels the world meeting inspiring women who are working to change the status quo. 

In the series, she visits the United Nations refugee agency in Uganda to meet the women and children striving for a better life, as well as getting to know the strong women behind some groundbreaking, stereotype-smashing schemes in the U.S and Canada.

Watch the first episode above and use the hashtag #DoYouStories to share your own female empowerment stories. 


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