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Fashionably Sustainable: Sustainability Has Never Looked This Good


For those of you like us who did not think these two worlds could ever intersect, well think again. Fashion has taken a new face, and it’s called sustainability. Many designers are stirring into the trend of recycling and getting more earthly conscience- designing garments and accessories that are more environmentally friendly. Think about the recent Met Gala for instance, designers like CALVIN KLEIN who is responsible for the ‘Harry-Potter Actress’ Emma Watson’s dress, made this piece of art from recycled plastic bottles. Other actresses such as Lupita Nyong’o and Margot Robbie also wore dresses made with organic elements.

For the everyday average person, wearing the same dress twice is never a big deal, but we see more and more famous and affluent people like the first lady Michael Obama and Duchess Kate Middleton moving towards this proclivity- making it okay to ‘thrift’ clothes.
Sustainability is becoming more paramount in the fashion world, disdaining away its earlier associations with cheapness and low quality- to slowly becoming the ‘new cool’. We call this ‘fashionably environmental consciousness’, a boat we all need to hop on.


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