ELLESSE X MAKE IT MUSIC – Streetwear Meets Live Music

New collab kicks off with Black Waters and Laurel.


Resurrecting out of the 90s and swaggering back into our wardrobes over the last few years, no one is denying that Ellesse have made a killer comeback. Now, the brand have taken it to the next level, joining Metropolis Studios to produce monthly studio sessions. 

The studio, responsible for around 50% of the UK Top 40 and for the work of Madonna, Micheal Jackson and The Rolling Stones, will now be working with the streetwear brand to bring fashion and music blissfully into one. Each month, the collab will release two artists simultaneously to feature in ‘exclusive interviews, live performances and bespoke content’, with the acts stretching from unsigned, all the way through to big talent.

Getting the gig going in the collab’s first month were punk rock band Blackwaters and singer-songwriter Laurel, bringing a cool mix of chills vibes and heavy beats to the monthly mix. Getting to know music both brand new and chart-topping just got a whole lot easier. 


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