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Since When Do Celebs And CEOs Have Their Own Exclusive Dating Apps?

Shhh, these elite dating apps are confidential


Let’s be real, the stigma for online dating or using apps doesn’t exist anymore, literally to the point that celebs have been using them religiously too. Yes, that’s right; they’ve been on this hype for ages! Now if you’re wondering why you haven’t been able to swipe up a celeb for yourself, it’s because their apps are heavily screened or invite only. (There goes our hope of becoming the next Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.) But if you’re curious about how you can get into their secret dating world, we've got all the classified insights to help you marry into Hollywood. 


Raya is quite literally as difficult to join as Soho House. Cara Delevingne is just one of the celebs on here – this app is all about being extremely exclusive. Say goodbye to taking screenshots and asking your friends if your future significant other is cute; apparently you can get banned for not being secretive enough. But for a $6 fee and an intense vetting process for up to three weeks, you could be on here. If you’re influential on Instagram, you get approved a lot quicker too. Better get to work on snapping some viral selfies! 


Luxy branded it self as “Tinder minus the riff-raff.” With this app, you are screened by earnings. Get ready to put yourself out there with your assets on full display. To use Luxy family incomes, favourite luxury brands and hobbies are set out to the open. Think of putting down hobbies like racquetball, polo and gourmet dining.

Tinder Select

Trust me, we were as surprised as you are. But yes, Tinder does have a member’s only version for individuals that do well on Tinder and the usual exclusive crowd. On the bright side, if your friends get invited they can nominate you to join too. However for the most part, it seems as if the super high-profile celebs and models use it to meet their own kind.

The League

Do you want to be the other half of a power couple? Is so, this is the right app to check out. Waiting lists are allegedly up to almost 200,000 people. This one is tight, but if you want to meet all the Upper East Side, Ivy League-educated, destined for success types, then this where your Nate Archibald will be waiting.

Realistically, the lengths we have to go to meet an elite crowd is ridiculous. Let’s just be happy with our next swipe – we can be ourselves!

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