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6 Positions To Try For Mind-Blowing Dual Orgasms

How To Get On And Get Off At The Same Time


The elusive dual orgasm! At some point in every couple’s relationship, they’re bound to want to achieve having simultaneous orgasms. It’s an incredibly intimate and exciting thing to share and contrary to popular belief, it is not some kind of unattainable goal like having Kim Kardashian hair. Like so many other good things (a successful business, flawless skin, a really great cake) it doesn’t come easy and it’s going to take time. 

So, if you’re ready to take the plunge and work hard towards achieving your new sex goal, there are some things you and lover can do to boost your chances of synchronized success. We’re not talking old wives’ tales here, like that friend of a friend who knew someone that had one that one time from drinking green tea right before. Nope. We’re talking about the nitty gritty. We know you’re all busy guys and gals so here’s the low down of exactly where he’s gotta put it and when, in order to make all your dreams come true (pun intended!)

Preparation Is The Word

You and your partner could be shagging for days with no light at the end of the tunnel if you haven’t taken proper precautions. No, not contraception, that goes without saying unless you’re ready to be responsible for a wailing baby in 9 months’ time, we mean prepare your space and your mind. Trying to have simultaneous orgasms between empting the dishwasher and walking the dog is just not going to happen. You’re in it for the long haul not a naughty quickie. Same goes for your frame of mind, if you’re stressing over work or a friendship fall out, in the words of Donnie Brasco, fugeddabout it. Choose a night dedicated to the task at hand, light some candles, make it romantic and take your time. This can be just as important as the positions themselves, so before you even get your clothes off, start preparing for the event. 

Save It For Round 2

It’s just simple math really. On the whole, men can orgasm by the time women have calculated how many calories they’ve eaten that day, whereas women would need to add an entire shopping list onto that! The possibility of you both climaxing at the same time is therefore much more likely if he has already had one! In this way, he should have more stamina to keep going for longer in round 2 (did I mention you’re going to need to clear your schedule for this?!)

Bringing It Back 1969 Style

Carrie Bradshaw once said that the last time anybody actually enjoyed the position 69 was in 1969 but, we’re sorry, for once Carrie was wrong! Positions in 69 can be great for dual orgasming as they not only allow each partner to receive pleasure but you can time your pace until each of you is ready. Winner winner!

Face To Face Contact

Positions that allow you to be face to face with your bf tend to create more intimacy and therefore tend to be easier to orgasm in. It’s also useful to note that you can read non verbal cues from each other this way, letting your partner know if your almost there or nowhere near, without killing the mood.

Top It All Off

Positions like cow girl, or anything else where she’s on top are perfect for this kind of operation. Whether you’re leaning forward over his chest or straddling him on the sofa, get into a slow grind that will work him up from his toes to his eyelashes. You have the power in these girl on top positions, so work it so that he can play with your clitoris whilst you use his magic stick to grind against your G- Spot and you’ll be O-ing together in no time. 

Bust Out The Big Vibes

If you’ve given it your all and these positions simply don’t work for you, it’s time to bring out your best vibrator. Choose any position that feels good for both of you, but ensure it’s one that creates some space. That way, whilst you’re getting down, you can be using a vibrator at the same time to speed up the process. Call it cheating if you will, but the result is the same! Happy Orgasming!

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