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“Softest In The Game” Drake Invests In Matcha Tea Company

Is 2017 the year of celebrity hipsters?


Drake has reportedly invested in a green tea company, proving that in 2017, it's never been hipper to be healthy. What happened to the rapper lifestyle?

Of course, we have to commend the 30-year-old softest-in-the-game singer for being a purveyor of one of the finest hot beverages – we'd be on that matcha trip 24/7 if it wasn't so frickin' premium. The anti-oxidant green tea leaf powder has infiltrated everything (dare we say it) hipster, from chia puddings to lattes: its long-lasting L-Theanine and caffeine “high” trumping coffee hands down (like all green tea actually).

The investment in question is the New York-based green tea shop Matcha which has reportedly acquired Drake as a primary investor. We can totally see his thought process here: “wow, this matcha shop is so great, I'm going to make sure I can come here forever.” Started-from-the-bottom-now-I'm-sipping-matcha kinda vibe.  


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