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Double Trouble Dj Duo Doppelgang Drop New Ep Today!


Here’s an extra special Fri-yay treat on us! Super duper Netherlands DJ Duo, Doppelgang, drop their much anticipated EP ‘Heroes’ today, and we have the exclusive backstory to what they’ve been up to since the last time we met: headlining the Fizzy Mag Halloween Party, in 2015.

Doppelgang – aka Maurice and Sander – are the identical twin DJs who first made a splash on the House music scene in 2011. Since then, their unique fusion of Acid, Jack, Disco and Tech House has graced the mainstages of festivals and clubs the world over – playing Pinkpop, Mysteryland, Extrema Outdoor, Solar Weekend and Amsterdam Open Air in 2015, alone – and last year, had us in no doubt that we should all be getting our ‘Guns Out’ (and if you haven’t seen the unquestionably awesome video for that track, then get on it) with the release of their first single.

Fast forward to 29th January 2016, and they’re ready to drop ‘Heroes’: a four track EP, whose special cover art pays homage to everyone they’ve worked with to date, in their career. Get ready to love, and double love, this talented twin-set.


Maurice and Sander, seems you guys have been pretty busy since the Fizzy Halloween Party! So how’s it going?
Hey Fizzy! Yeah indeed, we had quite a busy end of 2015. We’ve been to New York and had great club gigs when we got back here, it’s been such a great year.
To us January was the helicopter view kind of month, reminiscing last year, taking a little step back and making new plans for the year ahead. Plus we also had a booze-free month, so things are crytal clear!

You’ve both dropped the long hair, does that have anything to do with you’re new EP “Heroes” being released? New Year, New Music, New Look?
It almost looks like it’s part of a strategy yeah, haha. Though we both were thinking of cutting our hair for a while now, the beginning of the new year felt right to us to actually do it. Time for a new era, time for new plans and new releases. It felt natural, we’re always in the centre of our work process so we kind of evolve along with it I guess. This is why we also thought that the right time to release “Heroes” is now. Decisions for Doppelgang are often born out of a movement or feeling we’re both in.


You describe your sounds as a mix of acid, jack, disco and tech so what can we expect from this EP?
“Heroes” is the result of both our personal and musical development we’ve made throughout the last years. It’s been an amazing ride so far, all the beautifull cities and the lovely and inspiring people we’ve met made what Doppelgang is today. So we took the experiences into the proces of making the EP. Sound wise we think it really has the Doppelgang vibe: house music with a firm dose of attitude influenced by orignial Chicago, Hip-House.

Is there a theme to this EP?
As you can tell by the cover art work, “Heroes” is a homage to everyone we worked with both front stage and backstage, visibile and invisible. With a remarkable note to our close friends and family who never stop to buzz along with us!

You guys are really synonymous to good times, are there some fresh visuals (music videos)?
Aww you guys that’s so lovely, right back to you! We’re thinking of a new video for a single that isn’t including the EP, for which we want to make something special out of. So when we’ve finished the plans for that one, we want to release it with the whole package.

You’re always well-dressed guys. Who or what influenced your style?
We currently have an early-nineties-american-sportswear fetish. Things we find on the internet can inspire us but mostly we challenge eachother in our looks.

What tip would you give guys that want to be more stylish?
Find your Doppelgang(er)!! Double the fun, it’s just twice as nice!

Who hits on you more, boys or girls?
‘No gender rules were followed in the making of this film’


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