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10 Ways Crates Add Flavor To Your Home


Not everyone get to deal with fruit crates because not everyone have the kind of lifestyle that calls for fruit crates. But if you see fruit crates in your backyard / front yard / garage more often than usual and you just can’t find a way to get rid of it, then that’s evidence A of the Why You Opened This Article Case. We do personally wish we have easy access to fruit crates. We live in a place where they merely exist (not in Mars though) yet, needless to say, crates are perfect for tons of DIY projects. Even if you’re not a DIY-junkie.

Here are 10 projects you can do with crates that are guaranteed to add flavor to your once not-so-flavorful home.

Locker cubby with shelves

For anyone who have many different sizes of crates plus scraps of wood lying around, this DIY locker cubby is a must-make. Paint it in one color or multicolor, make it as tall or as short as you want, this fixture is a win.

DIY Locker cubby with shelves


Or if you’re not into shelves, an ottoman is another suggestion. This is perfect if you have a bunch of friends who love to stay in your apartment but not help pay the rent. Or simply if you and your best buds are kings and queens of sleepover. This is bigger than the usual size of an ottoman which means more seating capacity and more storage space!

diy ottoman for friends

Shelf with lighting

We have to admit,we have a thing for shelves with lighting, and this here is definitely bursting in character. Staining your crates and using yellow lighting is a great way to do it. But if you’re not much of a rustic fixture lover, you can also go for vibrant colors and white lights. Either way, this is the kind of furniture that doesn’t go out of style.

fruit crates diy urban shelf with lights

Vinyl LP storage

Calling all vinyl owners who are tired of carrying heavy records back and forth around the house, we might have found your new best buddy. It only requires one crate but you can obviously customize it to make it a double-decker rolling cart. Also, you can train your dog, if you have one, to pull this thing for you. That’s the point of having dogs, right?


fruit crates diy urban coffee table

Floating shelf-slash-night stand? What else could you ask for? And really, this project is next to effortless. With the right nightlight, this DIY crate project will surely add more style in your room.

fruit crates diy urban wood shelf

Crate table

We are fully aware that this source says KIDS CRATE TABLE… but hey, most of us here at Fizzy Mag act like 8-year-old and look like we are stuck in a 12-year-old’s body so this project passed the prerequisites of this article. And we bet we are not the only 20-something acting like an 8-year-old. Back to the fixture, we must say it wasn’t the glamorous piece we have in mind. But after staring at it and imagining it inside of a white artist home studio, we are officially in love with this table.

fruit crates diy urban coffee table

Pet bed

If you’re having your dog pull the rolling LP record storage, the least you can do is build him a decent sleeping place. And by decent, we mean this super cute pet bed. It doesn’t eat much space, it can be as comfy as you want it you be, and it’s easy to clean. Plus, it adds more personality to the place.

fruit crates diy urban coffee table


Outdoor coffee table

Another table on the list is this outdoor coffee table. If you only have few crates or if you’re looking for a simple DIY project, this is the one. But keep in mind that crates are made of wood and you have to make sure you know how to preserve the wood, which will be exposed in both rain and sun.

fruit crates diy urban outdoor coffee table

Flower pot nook

Flower pots are perhaps the easiest accent to set aside if you’re house is too cluttered and you’re in zero mood to clean. With this pot shelf, which is a floating shelf made of crates specifically for greens, you won’t have to set aside any plant ever again. The wood adds more natural feel to the plants, making it look more like a décor than a mere thing you decided to throw in the room. Because let’s face it, plants can be complicated sometimes.

fruit crates diy urban flower pot nook

Magazine rack

There’s really no effort here aside from making sure the crate is strong enough to hold books and magazines. And yet, we still find this a sophisticated piece of fixture. Sophisticated because it’s super simple and clean yet it is very useful. Especially for those who can’t survive a month without magazine delivery.

fruit crates diy urban coffee table

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