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How The Girl Behind "Cash Me Outside, How Bout Dah" Cashed In

Who is Danielle Bregoli and How Did She Become Famous?


If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few months, you will have definitely seen all of the memes and commotion surrounding the catchphrase “Cash me ousside, how bow dah?”

This all started with the 13 year old rebel, Danielle Bregoli, who appeared on DR Phil’s TV show last September in an episode that dealt with parents and their unruly teenagers. Danielle, in fact, was the unruly teen! A clip of Bregoli going crazy at the studio audience went viral and led to her internet fame. 

If you watched the DR Phil Show, you will know that Danielle’s mother had come to Dr Phil because she didn't know what to do with her ‘off the rails’  teenager, who was starting to become out of control. 

Danielle admitted that she hadn't been to school since the seventh grade, steals her mums car, credit cards and frequently runs away.

What possibly led to Danielle’s viral fame was her unique accent- she claimed that it was “from the streets”. We must say that wherever it is from, its extremely difficult to understand! 

The meme that everybody is talking about comes a few minutes into the show where Danielle wasn't happy with the laughs from the “hoes” in the audience. 

She began shouting out threats to fight them like "catch me outside, how about that?" However, with her strange accent, it sounded like "cash me ousside, how bow dah?” 

This phrase went viral accompanied with shots of Danielle’s resting bitch face!

The turbulent mother and daughter relationship has been the talk of millions of people across the globe and, since this episode was released, all kinds of trap remixes amongst other digital creations have featured this epic meme. 

Although, we must give it to this troublesome teen- she has attempted to cash in on her sudden fame! She has linked up with rappers and merchandise companies to launch her own stuff and make the most out of the situation- even appearing in rapper Kodak Black’s new music video for his track, Everything 1K. In the video, Danielle is sitting on a white Rolls- Royce surrounded by stacks of cash. This sparked loads of controversy and again, led to more people talking about the teen.

Recently, Danielle was thrown off a flight along with her mum and another passenger for a fight they started onboard. The trio were then banned from flying with the Airline. Also in February, Danielle kicked up another stir when she was caught in a fight outside a pub.

Who knows, with another visit to Dr. Phil looming, perhaps Danielle is going to try and turn her crazy life around. But we think it is more likely that she is going to keep reappearing on our timelines with even crazier stunts.

Check out the 13 year old rebel on Instagram @bhadbhabie

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