Dogs that look like celebrities

25 Celebrities And Their Ultimate Dog Look Alikes!

This can't be unseen...


Why looking at dogs that look like celebrities is so entertaining is really hard to say... But girrl – it just is! We've seen similar matches before: the dog that looks like John Travolta, the one that looks like Putin etc, but we're pretty sure that those were nothing but lucky shots. We matched 25 celebs with dogs that literally could play them in a Doggywood movie!

Here we go!

#1 Ariana Grande is...

... a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel!
Dog stylist: what u want?
Dog: Just give me an Ariana Grande.
Dog stylist: Say no more fam.


#2 Beyonce is...

... a wolf!
Q: Why is B a wolf?
A: Because she slays!


#3 Jay Z is...

... a Pitbull!
A king not to be messed with!


#4 North West is...

... a rottweiler pupper!
A (somewhat) cute little pupper that'll soon grow up to become a vicious beast that can crush your skull with it's bare jaws. 


#5 Sita Abellan is...

... a Chinese Crested!
Never has a portrait of a human being been this much in harmony with a dog's skin tone. Just... the resemblance is... yeah.


#6 Cher is...

... an Afghan Hound!
That dog rocking a stage in a transparent one piece with 10 fit male back up dancers suddenly doesn't seem so unrealistic.


#7 Britney Spears (in this wig) is...

... a Japanese Chin!
*giggles* –*tries not to die* – *who's the cutest? idk*. LOOK AT THEM! 


#8 Ryan Gosling is...

... a Good Boyyyyy!
For the ones who are only on this article to learn about dog breeds, this is actually a Golden Retriever. But when put next to Ryan Gosling he's mostly a good boyyyyy!

#9 Taylor Swift is...

... a Havanese!
If Cruella Devil wanted to skin the 101 dalmatians for a fur coat, Taylor Swift seriously looks like someone who would skin this doggo for a wig.

#10 Donald Trump is...

... a Dogue De Bordwaux Royalty!
Well, no one wants to look like the SCROTUS, and that's probably why the dog looks so sad. But beside the sadness, they look exactly the same.

#11 Kris Jenner is...

... a Shih Tzu!
Well, isn't this what all of us are going to look like at 61?


#12 Kim K is...

... a Dachshund!
We bet you NEVER thought of this match before but it might be the best one on the list! Spread the word, Kim's Paparazzi face looks like a dachshund. 


#13 Justin Bieber is...

... a Corgi!
No caption needed.


#14 Justin Timberlake is...

... Pitbull!
Mr. World Wide, Mr. Todo El Mundo – call him what you want: he will always be Pitbull. 


#15 Ivanka Trump is...

... a Malteser!
A spoiled, annoyed looking dog, unaware of it's white privilege but enjoys the power that comes with wealth. 


#16 Paris Hilton is...

... a Greyhound!
Greyhounds are stubborn and stuck up but above all charming and energising! We recommend all Greyhound owners to be to name their little babies after Princess Paris!


#17 Gigi Hadid is...

... a Yorkshire Terrier!
Alright, guys... They just look really friggin' similar.


#18 Selena Gomez

... a Papillon!
What dat tounge do? *Cools down my body*


#19 Rita Ora is...

... an Alaskan Malamute!
We don't know what's with this doggo but it just looks so much like Rita Ora!


#20 Uma Thurman is...

... a Borzoi!
Put this pupper in a yellow leather tracksuit, teach it taekwondo and hand it a Hattori Hanzo sword and you basically have a stand in for Uma Thurman in Kill Bill. 


#21 Kendall Jenner is...

... the Snap Chat-dog-filter!


#22 Lady Gaga is...

... a Dalmatian!
Lady Gaga is a freak of nature like spotty here. If you squeeze your eyes it's impossible to tell who's who.


#23 Julia Roberts is...

... a Saluki!
Such elegance!


#24 Drake is...

... a Beagle!
Sad pupper for sad papi! Look at those sad eyes!


#25 Nicki Minaj is...

... a Miniature Pinscher
A fierce little beast that'll have you on your knees sweet talking it. *Do not trigger*


..... and just for fun, Snoop Dogg is...

... Snoop Dogg.
Couldn't not do it.

All images via Pinterest
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