Fizz To The Max It’s Carpe Diem Kombucha

Fizz To The Max It’s Carpe Diem Kombucha


Here at Fizzy we are all about experimentation, so when Carpe Diem asked us if we wanted to try out and review some of their premium Kombucha teas we were immediately in! But let’s be honest like most people we had no idea what “Kombucha” was so we went to the trusty wikipedia in search for some enlightenment.

Turns out it’s pretty simple, Kombucha is actually a sugary tea or infusion which has been fermented with the help of “good” bacterias and yeast. The result you get is a fizzy (hehe), slightly sweet, tea drink!

With this awesome chance to try something a little different we sat down at the breakfast table after a night of drinking at tad too much mulled wine. Many say that it is in fact a healing drink with various health benefits so we were looking forward to having a new hangover cure that didn’t come in the form of a tablet.

The fact that it also comes in small recyclable glass bottles is also really dope as they’re the perfect size to slip into a bag on the way around town.


Carpe Diem offers three types of Kombucha teas, Classic, Quince and Cranberry. Each of them having their own little personality as presented on the official Carpe Diem website.
We carefully rated them by design, look (of the drink), smell, taste and if we would recommend them as an alternative fizzy drink. Here’s our results.


The Classic is described on the website as the “Rebel” is a mix of raspberry and mint, cherry, citrus and a hint of tarragon.

With a low count of 25 kcal (100ml) the Classic proved to be not as bad as we thought (we were a bit biased after seeing pictures of the Kombucha mushroom). At first it was slightly pungent but once we got over the smell the drink ended up being very refreshing though a tad bitter.

Over All Rating: 3.5/5 stars


Next up the Quince made for “Free Spirit” shows hints of banana, melon, vanilla, rhubarb, apricot, fine tea herbs and honey.

At only 24 kcal (100ml) this was by far the groups favourite, though once again the smell was a bit off putting, we still sipped our cups till the last drop and even begged for more. The sweet blending of the quince fruit and tea was just what we needed to wake up. Definitely perfect for a summer’s day or maybe even with some vodka… who knows we’re pretty creative.
This one is a true winner.

Over All Rating: 5/5 stars


Lastly the Cranberry aka the “Non Conformist” serves blended cranberry, rosehip, elderberry and apple flavours.

At 27 kcal (100ml) this “Non Conforming” drink was definitely not made for our picky taste buds, the smell test having been done, we went for the kill and as everyone pulled a face in visual consensus we knew what the verdict would be.
The Cranberry was not a winner, as much as people want us to believe that it’s good for our health and a nice alternative to juice in sugary cocktails the bitterness of the red berry was too much for our palates.

Over All Rating: 2/5 stars

Over all, the Carpe Diem Kombucha is a strange drink but after trying out these flavours there is no doubt that the “Free Spirited” Quince will be on our shopping list next time we’re out.
Plus it comes in a super cute packaging so as design freaks we’re totally on board.
As for the health benefits well… our hangovers are gone so who knows!


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