Cara Delevingne For New 2017 Movie “Life In A Year”

Cara Delevingne For New 2017 Movie “Life In A Year”

Starring Alongside Jaden Smith…Awesome!


Darling Cara and baby faced Jaden Smith are set to star in 2017’s tear jerker movie of the year! This years version of The Fault In Our Stars, the movie Life In A Year follows the lives of a 17 year old boy (Jaden) and his dying girlfriend (Cara) as they try to compact her life into the one year she has left to live. We’re not sure exactly how that’s going to plan out for the young couple, are they going to take out a 25-year mortgage and start paying into pension funds? Hopefully not!

The production is starting later this year over at Overbrook Entertainment, which is owned by none other than Will Smith, Jaden’s dad. Cara and her brows have had roles in successful movies before such as Paper Towns and the sinister Suicide Squad, so here’s hoping this performance is just as stellar!

The ideal tissues-at-the-ready film, Life In A Year is one to watch with a seriously large amount of chocolate and probably a generous serving of salty popcorn. 


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