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This One Thing Can Help You to Stop Obsessing Over Your Ex

Fix a broken heart with a click of a button


We’ve all been there: the grueling stages of a break-up. You get to a point where you obsess about your previous relationship so much that you sit there, over-analyze the whole thing and turn into your ex's cyber stalker – not cute. Break-ups definitely aren't the sort of thing you can get over ASAP, but there has to be an easier way than obsessively watching your old bf's Insta stories trying to determine if he's already moved on. Guess what? There's an app for that. The magical app Mend is guaranteed to speed up your healing process 

Even if we can’t all be as sassy as Little Mix and come up with a world famous track like ‘Shout Out To My Ex’, with just of a click of a button we can now all get over our exes. 

Mend is a '28 day heartbreak cleanse’ and an online community created by founder, Ellen Huerta. Ellen is your personal trainer for break-ups  and gives you the the motivation you need to move on. The best part is: she stops you from sending dreaded drunk texts to your old lover and waking up the next morning totally mortified (we've been there). 

Mend even allows you access to 24/7 break-up advice from others in the community going through similar situations. What a dream come true: friends who never get tired of hearing you bitch about your ex. 

Don’t worry Mend isn’t only for ladies, the app is completely gender neutral and not only for those in heterosexual relationships. It’s a helpful tool for all of us who've had our hearts shattered. 

Technology will never leave us, and with the launch of Mend, millions of broken hearts around the globe will be fixed in no time. It's time to get back out there and slay. 

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