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Brazilian Model Hilda On Crushes, Real Beauty And True Love

Shot by Zoe McConnell For Fizzy Mag


Hilda, 21 From London, UK. Legs like an endless sand beach, luscious red lips and gorgeous sun kissed skin. Hilda is as sizzling as a brazilian summer. While we try hard to keep our composure, she tells us about her crushes, real beauty and true love.

Do you want to stay in the model business or could you imagine doing another job in a few years?

I’d love to be a geologist some day.

Oh, that’s pretty far away from the glossy runaway-world. How did your story kick off?

I was sixteen and I did a test in Brazil. There was a model competition in the city and my dad and sister suggested I enter. I didn’t want to because I hadn’t ever really thought about modeling, so they tricked me and told me we were going to have dinner but instead we turned up at the competition! I amazingly got through to the second phase in Sao Paulo and my mother agency was there and scouted me. One month later I was already working in Milan! Right now I’m living and working in London.

What celebrity seduced you in your dreams when you were younger?

I had a biiiiig crush on Leonardo DiCaprio and Nick from the BSB's!!

What would you do if you could be a man for one day?

If I could be a man for a day I would go to the red light district in Hamburg and walk down the ONE street that women can’t enter (shielded red light zone where woman get water tipped on them) just to kill my curiosity!

How would you describe your behavior at work and in life best?

I’d like to think I’m focused, sensible and calm.

 "I do shark diving … is that sexy?"

We’ve heard, you’re into sexy and adventurous sports to stay fit?

Oh yeah! I do sky diving, shark diving in South Africa and snorkeling… is that sexy?

What’s your nr.1 goal in life?

To love and be loved. Also to have my family nearby – it’s something I don’t have due to the nature of my job so I really appreciate the time I do get with them.

Is there a God you believe in?

I believe that no matter what your beliefs are, you’ve just gotta try to be the best person you can be and learn from your mistakes.

What’s your fave fragrance?

CH Carolina Herrera, LOVE IT!

"Nobody needs to see your bum or boobs in public do they!?"

Is there a fashion trend you find ridiculous?

I believe everybody has the right to wear what they like! Anything goes, unless you show too much of your private parts …nobody needs to see your bum or boobs in public do they! I personally love black and grey, kind of a rock slash comfy style!

Do you have a strange nickname?

I do! ‘Pamonha’ it’s a corn food that’s very soft and willowy. I got stuck with it because I used to be very shy and hard work to deal with. I wasn’t very sociable when I was growing up you know.

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