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BOSCO's 'Cruel' Is The Smoothest Psychedelic Summer Jam

Music for summertime cruising.


The Atlanta pop/funk/R&B singer has just shared the latest song from her new B release project and it's a smooth and psychedelic summer jewel. 'Cruel' marries her velvety voice with airy synths and a smooth groove for the perfect '90s-tinged hazy day slow jam.

The not-quite-an-album-not-quite-an-EP B is “a collection of songs about escapism, freedom, self-discovery, and relationships while transitioning into womanhood.” And unlike some previous, more up-tempo tracks from the project, 'Cruel' pulls some soulful inspiration from Bobby Brown: “It was a song that I remember my mom listening to in the '90s, riding in the back of her Honda Civic, so I kinda pull inspiration from that,” she told Paper Mag.

Listen to 'Cruel' below.

Preview image taken from BOSCO Facebook. 


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