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Beauty Care 101: How To Close Out The Summer With Your Best Skin


With summer coming to an end it’s time to get back into a healthy routine. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle not only improves your overall well-being, it also provides healthy, clear and firm skin. Taking care of your skin has been clinically proven to be extremely important with each year that passes. Not only with the products you put on your face but also the products you put into your body. Drinking lots of water and maintaining a consistent beauty routine will keep your skin hydrated and clear.

You can also get by with a little help from your friends (also known as SPF moisturizer.) Never skimp on the SPF because it may be one of the most important skincare products ever. Even if you have no intentions of going out in the sun, one can never be too careful. Another beauty tip? Reduce your makeup wear. Your pores and skin need to breathe, lady! The nicer you are to your skin, the nicer your skin will be to you.

Although the average person can’t get to the salon every week for a facial, there are plenty of home remedies and products one can use to benefit their face. There is even a product that offers 24k gold facials, now-a-days. The future of facials lies in the hands of Lonvitalite, an online skincare line with a variety of facial masks, eye masks and lip masks to improve your skin’s overall complexion. With natural ingredients that have been proven to brighten and clear skin it’s easy to see why Lonvitalite won an award for Best Face Masks by Glasscars. These products have also been featured in Cosmopolitan, Marie Clare as well as Australia’s only subscription beauty box.

With the use of at home facial masks, healthy eating and staying hydrated, you will be closing out the summer with your best skin yet. Always remember, stay hydrated and moisturized!

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