Adibreak wanted

Adibreak: Desperately Looking For Techno Pants? Here's What You Need To Know



Since Kim Kardashian West chose to provoke the hungry papparazis by wearing jogging pants at Paris Fashion Week 2016, the otherwise forgotten Adibreak pant (that has been out of style everywhere outside of Berlin for a long time) has become an obsession for fashionistas, and the internet isn't very helpful when you're an unexperienced vintage-hunter. 


Ah ja hallo #adibreak #airmax97

Et opslag delt af Electra (@eldadelorean) den


First of all, let's be clear about this: find πŸ‘ them πŸ‘ on- πŸ‘ line! After mutiple hours of IRL vintage store searching, it becomes pretty obvious that every hypebeast and hypebae are hunting the infamous tear away pant down like wolves. It's almost as if you have to sign up for someone to trash their pair and donate them to starving streetwear fanatics before you can get anyway near them. Like junkie and a fix, basically. Besides the time consuming factor of it, they're expensive AF in the stores. They can easily go for $120.00, and the sales person wouldn't blink an eye.


BACK to 90's πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯#addidas#adibreak#

Et opslag delt af Raissa πŸ‘ πŸ‡«πŸ‡· (@1grammedestyle) den


Jump off the bike and open up your laptop because that's where you find the goods. Since the pants are vintage, you gotta be a creative online shopper - and stay πŸ‘ cool πŸ‘ cause the comeptition is hard. If you wanna get down on this pant, you must participate in online auctions and be prepared for staying up all night. Most of the online auctions run for several days to get the bidders in the zone and prices can easily rise up to $80.00 within a coupe of hours. Be πŸ‘aggresive πŸ‘, don't hesitate to buy them right away and offer the seller a sharp here and now price. And remember to have a good πŸ‘ pokerπŸ‘ faceπŸ‘ when you're negotiating because the sellers are fully aware of all the junkies standing in line for an Adibreak. 


The only pants there actually are on the market right now are literally the ones that people dare to let go off, all thanks to KimπŸ‘ KπŸ‘ . Search eBay, search Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, and prepare yourself to have at least $60.00 ready when you're ready to purchase.

It's going to be hard work but damn you will look fly AF when the hunt is over!

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