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7 Great Ways How To Add Lemons Into Your Beauty Routine


Did you know that this fruit can come in handy in so many different ways than one? Let’s forget for a minute it’s bitter and tangy taste-unless of-course you want to make lemonade (insert a Beyoncé joke here).

Lemons can be used in many facets of life, including beauty- here are some tips:

1. Fade blemishes and dark spots- (a few drops directly on the face for 15 minutes do the trick).

2. Lighten your armpits/underarms – (rubbing the lemon directly on the skin will lighten up the area).

3. Whiten your teeth and nails – (rubbing a few drops on a cotton ball or dipping the nails in a mixture of lemon and water for a few minutes will help your nails whiten. When mixed with baking soda, lemons help whiten teeth although they can also harm the tooth enamel in the long-run, therefore should not be kept in the mouth for too long. The lemon peel alone can also be rubbed on the teeth to get the same effect)

4. Clean up your makeup brushes- (a mixture of lemon, warm water and soap over night will get rid of oil and make up on your brushes – leaving them clean and soft).

5. Radiant skin - (a mask of honey and lemon will leave your skin glowing).

6. Highlights in your hair- (allowing a mixture of lemon and water to dry on your hair-preferably in the sun, will do the trick. This needs to be repeated from time to time to be really effective).



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