How to make your makeup last loger
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5 Simple Ways How To Make Your Make Up Last Longer


Tired of getting your makeup on people’s shirts every time you hug them or even your own- every time you take off your shirt or leaving evidence every time you drink out off a glass? Well, we have the solution. If you have a darker skin tone, unfortunately the makeup transferring is a little bit more apparent due to the more elaborate pigmented foundations.
Here are some of our favorite tips to help you out.

1. Using a makeup primer before applying your foundation 

This technique will help make the foundation stick more to the skin as well as acting as a barrier between the makeup and your skin to protect it.

2. Using a setting powder

Any powder, be it a translucent powder or even baby powder locks in the product. For example, after applying the first layer of lipstick, pat in some baby powder and then put on another top layer. This minimizes lipstick transfer. 

3. Setting spray

Just like hair spray, setting spray aims at holding your makeup in place- restricting it from moving and you are guaranteed that it will be in place all day long. This is also great under warm temperatures as there is usually more sweating which dissolves makeup.

4. Apply waterproof makeup

As It is intended to remain in place under harsh circumstances.

5. Using powder based foundations 

As opposed to liquid ones will help absorb oils and reduce sweating especially in the warmer climates.

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