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IG icon Charly Barker in London shot by Marc Hayden

20 Questions With London Based Fashion Photographer Marc Hayden


Ever wondered what it’s like to be an established fashion and people photographer, living in London and getting to photograph hundreds of beautiful, hot girls from around the globe and making money with it?

Well, some people are lucky talented bastards or very smart business men or even snap-happy shooting machines!
North London based photographer Marc Hayden (32) is one of these gifted boys who are getting hired to capture sexy babes for fashion campaigns, adverts and magazine covers.

And lucky us (and you too if you read the following interview) got some insights into the life, work and business world of fashion photographer Marc Hayden.

Mell Haynes

Hi Marc! Please tell us, what made you become a photographer?

I always wanted a career that I enjoyed, and photography is that career. I don’t do a days work ever….Im blessed.

Describe your photography style in 3 words:

Real life paintings.

What's been your best payed job so far?

All of them. Actually, thats a disgusting lie. I enjoy shooting for all the top model agencies. They’re the best.

How do you get a connection between you and the model?

We have lots of coffee first. I wake up slowly and we just chat crap until we’re ready to shoot.

Do you get a crush on the model during the shoot?

No way. My wife is smoking hot. Plus Im old enough to be their dad. One model referred to me as a ‘cool uncle’. Kill me now.

What did you do to land your first payed job?

Cried for a about a week coz I couldn’t get a paid job, and then I just made sure everyone knew I was looking for paid work. The hustle is real.

Did a model try to hit on you?

Never. How sad is that looooooool.

Barbara Rodiles

How does a day in the live of Marc Hayden look like?

Every day is different, which is amazing and terrible at the same time. I miss structure, but it keeps me on my toes. I could be editing, going to meetings with clients, shooting, or all of those things.

Do you prefer studio or location shoots?

Location location location.

What's been your worst day on set with a client? Did ever go something completely wrong?

Had one intense 2-day studio shoot and I knew I was out my depth, but I had to learn. Nothing went majorly wrong, but I did want to dies at various points during the shoot.

Digital or analogue?

Digital. Im too impatient.

Does social media help you to generate jobs?

Hell yeah. Instagram made me.

What's makes for a good model?

Personality, confidence, interesting features, imaginative posing, patience, beauty... etc

Lillia Weddell

Are high fashion magazines your goal?

Hmmmm... Id say so. Its certainly a standard Im aiming for.

How much time do you put into acquiring new clients a month?

As much as I can, but finding time to take a crap is a challenge at the mo. I need to do that more.

What tool do you use to edit your images?

Lightroom and Photoshop.

Is there a perfect lens you are working with?

Ive been using a sigma 35mm for ages now and I fucking love it. Im getting a new lens soon coz I wanna see where it takes my work.

What's been your most important lesson you made along your photographer career?

Oooooh, great question that. Be a businessman as well as a photographer. Im shit at it, and I need to improve.

What do you recommend upcoming photographers?

Not to copy my work? Joke. Kinda. Be prepared to work hard, be broke, sacrifice everything you think you are going to get, and get the most amazing reward... getting paid to the pictures of lovely people.

What sets you apart from other photographers?

No one takes photos like me. I have a particular set of skills, a particular eye, a way of framing, and seeing, that can’t be replicated. Plus I am a fucking machine and I do not stop.

Wallis Day captured smoking by Marc Hayden in London

Thanks for chatting with us Marc!

Follow Marc on Instagram here.

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