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10 Reasons Why Social Media Is Ruining Us


A selfie guide as to why you should turn off, tune out, and drop in 

The idea of scrolling endlessly down a selfie-filled newsfeed on your train ride to work, or having a set time on Wednesday evenings to upload a picture of you and your awesome new dog that grants you 50+ likes (it's because of the dog trust me) seems all so harmless and somewhat innocent. But there'™s a lingering ˜too-good-to-be-true or oh-shit-you-shouldn'™t-be-doing-this aspect to social media that we all come to terms with and choose to ignore.

While pondering this over a hand-rolled, We must've came up with about 20-30 reasons why social media has become a negative vibe for all of us millennials, but we've decided to shorten it up to about 10 crucial ones that go as follows:

1. More Social Media, Less Social People

As ironic as it sounds, it’s exceptionally true. As millennials, we lack a certain level of human exchange that our ancestors possessed because of social media. We no longer show up to the front door with flowers in hand or a boom box overhead to sway our crushes. Emojis and 3 likes at 3 AM have replaced that unfortunately.

2. Options, Options, Options!

There are simply too many options for all of us! This has eroded our expectations of anything serious. As a guy, if she isn'™t putting out in the first week, what’s the use? As the great Childish Gambino once stated on his album Because The Internet, Two dates and he still wanna get it in?! Try once then it's on to the next chick.

3. Self-Absorption

Social media has single-handedly (literally single-handedly) boosted our egos exponentially for all the wrong reasons. As millennials we are too entitled, too concerned with our audience, and ourselves and too afraid to work our way up the ladder in ANYTHING because on social media we are seemingly glorified. The 50 fire Emojis under your mixtape post are probably the reason why it's still a mixtape.

4. DM-ing

Females have become bombarded with alpha-male creepers and pictures of their below-average bent-shaped penises. Seriously these guys never take a night off, mainly because that's when it's primetime. For one this is probably a legal form of sexual harassment but hey, I don'€™t make the rules.

5. Catfishing is Real

This one might sting when reading, but if all of her selfies consist of just her cleavage and up, then you might be in for a BIG unpleasant surprise when she shows up at your front door for Netflix and chill. Those who agree, know this from personal experience.

6. Where'™s The Trust?!

Social media has easily become the number one relationship killer of our time. We've all seen it ruin some seriously established lovers that probably could’ve made it, had it not been for social media highlighting their insecurities. She’s constantly checking up on that one girl always liking his selfies, he’s constantly checking up on the ˜Following™ tab on Instagram to see if she still likes her art teacher’s selfies. It has made for a real mess of doubt.

7. You'™re Not As Cool As You Think (or Vice Versa)

This one is important: Just because you get over 100 likes on your shirtless selfie doesn'™t mean you'™re that interesting, chances are you're as well-rounded as a Rubik’s cube. On the contrary, just because your new hand-painted artwork gets only 10 likes doesn’t mean it sucks! There'™s hope for us all.

8. Constantly Comparing Your Competition

It’s no secret that living your life in constant competition with others makes for a lack of happiness and self-satisfaction. As the infamous Nas once stated, “The world is yours.” Life is to be lived not compared. To each his own!

9. You Still Love Your Ex

The idea that you can check up on your ex'™s page, see how he/she is living, or who he/she is spending there oh-so-valuable time with without any consequence has become a real problem. You’re never actually letting go because it's all too easy. ˜Out of sight, out of mind™ is no longer a thing.

10. You'™re Missing Out on Life!

Last but certainly not least, there’s really so much more to life than staring and swiping at your phone all day. Going to the movies or the bar just to sit on your phone is borderline insanity. Put the damn thing in your pocket and allow for some spontaneity in your life. Strike up a conversation with someone and see where it takes you. Allow yourself to pickup a new task or a new hobby; try it and fucking fail at it! Seriously who cares?! That is how humanity grows and how the world keeps on moving. You can’t expect to find true love staring at a photo or watching a 15-second clip. You just can’t.

*deletes his Instagram and goes for a walk*

Illustration Courtesy of Jean Jullien


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